Redbacks History

“I started playing when I was 22, when I was at RMIT University studying teaching. Steph Chiocci introduced me to the game and we played together for the RMIT Redbacks. We were unbeatable at Nationals for a number of years, not surprising in hindsight with so many of us subsequently landing AFLW contracts.”

Christina Bernardi, RMIT Redbacks alumnus and GWS Giants AFLW player

“Leveraging the resources of RMIT to develop and fast track education, leadership and football prowess makes this Academy truly unique.”

Steph Chiocci, RMIT Redbacks alumnus and Collingwood Football Club AFLW captain

“The Redbacks were always dominant at Nationals…with student placements [at the Academy] now being made available, this will create a unique football offering like no other.”

Lauren Brazzale, RMIT Redbacks alumnus and Carlton Football Club AFLW player

“It’s great that primary aged boys and girls, like the ones I teach, will have a more diverse range of role models as players, coaches and administrators thanks to the emergence of organisations like the RMIT Women’s Football Academy. I love every aspect of it and what a great initiative.”

Shae Audley, RMIT Redbacks alumnus and Carlton Football Club AFLW player

“It’s so exciting that these new pathways for women in football are clear and well-defined. What a great offering by my old Uni, especially given the Essendon Football Club partnership.”

Steph DeBortoli, RMIT Redbacks alumnus and ex-Melbourne Football Club AFLW player