Mitch Lower To Stand Down As Senior Coach

Following the wonderful announcement that he and his partner Sarah are expecting their first child in August, Mitch Lower has confirmed that he will be standing down from the senior coaching role with the RMIT Women’s Football Academy.

Mitch was not only the inaugural coach at RMIT. He was also a massive driving force in bringing players to the club in the early days and establishing a fun, encouraging and professional culture amongst a team with little footballing experience. Mitch will be missed at the club but the contributions he has made to the Redbacks are here to stay as the foundation for our playing group.

RMIT WFA President Sally Tanner, executive committee member Chris O’Connor and 2019 senior Best & Fairest winner Neve O’Connor have paid tribute to Mitch…

“Mitch has left an indelible mark on Women’s Football at RMIT University. As an Exercise Science student back in 2016, he took on coaching our Nationals team and set a professional standard in preparation and recovery that was ahead of the times in Women’s Football. This professionalism and his commitment to developing his players in a positive and nurturing manner made him the obvious choice as the inaugural coach of the RMIT Women’s Football Academy in 2019.  His expertise in High Performance facilitated the collaboration between his coaching team and High Performance and Medical. His loyalty continued to shine in 2020 throughout the COVID interrupted season. The time and effort into player development was about to reap rich rewards; I’m so disappointed for Mitch that he was robbed of this. We are deeply grateful to Mitch for his contribution to Women’s Football at RMIT University and remind him that our door will always be open.” – Sally Tanner

“Mitch’s contribution and influence on RMIT cannot be understated. I have worked with Mitch since his Coaching career started at Diamond Creek in 2017. I have watch him mature as a coach and a communicator. He has the ability to develop loyalty with his players and also deliver an attacking playing style. He endured many trials as a coach: in 2018 Diamond Creek lost most of its players and it was almost a total rebuild, yet the team played finals that year. In 2019 it was RMIT’s inaugural season and whilst we started slowly, there was no doubt by the end of the season we were in the top 2 teams in Premier C. I thought 2020 would be the season, where Mitch could have a clear run and show his coaching skills. The 2020 season was developing well with a settled team and Mitch was demonstrating the development of a sophisticated game plan, but we know how 2020 finished. He was keen to continue in 2021 and support the Club post COVID. Whilst he cannot Coach for the best of reasons, he will be missed. We hope to see him back when life allows.” – Chris O’Connor

“I’ve been lucky enough to have been coached by Mitch for a few years now- something that I feel very blessed to receive. Mitch has this way of making every player in his team heard, regardless of skill level or ability and makes everyone feel valued. Whilst I’ll always beat him playing Horse, I’ll also always admire his ability to get the absolute most out of his team and motivate them, regardless of the score line. I can’t wait to see all the places Mitch goes, both on and off the field.” – Neve O’Connor 

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