Dr Emilio Kardaris appointed as Director of Medical

The Academy will retain the services of Dr Emilio Kardaris in 2020 with the RMIT fellow appointed to the position of Director of Medical.

Dr Kardaris was the Tuesday night supervisor of the sports medical therapy team, overseeing and assessing the work of the osteopathy, chiropractic and myotherapy student interns at Bundoora Oval.

“Seeing as the 2019 season was a “pilot” for us in the medical team, I think the whole project was a success,” says Dr Kardaris.

“The players received excellent care, the students received invaluable experience and the staff members increased their understanding of how an elite sports club is run, albeit at a smaller scale. One standout moment that really highlighted in the importance of the medical team was the detection and management of concussions. We had a few of them throughout the 2019 season and we managed them quite well.”

During the Academy’s first season, the sports medical therapy interns would assess the aches and pains of the RMIT player at Tuesday and Thursday training sessions. The Academy also allowed students from across a variety of disciplines the unique chance to collaborate in a pre-graduate clinic and research presentations on an injury preventative, recovery or rehabilitation process for the Redbacks.

“I see a lot of potential for the growth and development of the Academy in 2020. While 2019 was a resounding success, it also provided a steep learning curve for all involved. We recognised a few areas where there could be improvement and it is this opportunity to grow the program that got me interested,” says Dr Kardaris.

With progression on the inaugural season an Academy-wide focus, Dr Kardaris says the sports medical therapy program will only offer more in 2020 for both its interns and its beneficiaries.

“The medical team will absolutely undergo changes in the upcoming season however I would view this as more of an evolution rather than a revolution. We are aiming to include more student practitioners, improve our offering to the playing group, collaborate more closely with the Strength, Conditioning and High-Performance group and translate all of this into success on game day. We all stand at the precipice of an exciting season ahead.”


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