2020 Skill Development Coaches Signed On

Chris Falcke and Chris O’Connor have been appointed as Academy skill development coaches for the 2020 season.

Falcke was one of the earliest figures at the Academy as the running & acceleration coach in RMIT’s pre-season. The on-field improvement and success of the Redbacks was in no small part due to his monitoring and training throughout the season.

“There were noticeable or significant improvements to players’ running, accelerating and kicking skills,” says Falcke of the 2019 Redbacks.

Falcke will maintain his training night roles of providing skill development and feedback for each player with one-on-one coaching. On match day, he will observe and assess the skill execution of each Redback.

“Across pre-season, our focuses will be the continued development of skills associated with running, accelerating, kicking and ball handling as well as the development of players’ ability to execute those skills within the situations that present themselves during a game of football.”

In addition to his position on the executive committee, O’Connor will now make official his position on the growing coaching panel at Bundoora Oval.


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