Vince Atkinson reappointed as High-Performance Manager

The RMIT Women’s Football Academy has secured a key signing with the re-appointment of Vince Atkinson to the position of High-Performance Manager.

Having headed up North Melbourne’s Strength & Conditioning program in the Kangaroos’ inaugural AFL Women’s season, Atkinson was appointed in April this year to oversee the Strength & Conditioning, sports medical therapy and GPS sports data analysis teams and ensure best practice for the Redbacks come match day.

“We really built a bit of momentum by the end of the season and hopefully we can carry that in to next year,” says Atkinson of the sports science programs.

“The cohesion between the teams really started to kick off and we set up some good progress throughout the year and we look forward to carrying that on next year.”

The Academy offered new experiences for learning for all its participants and Atkinson was no different.

“Dealing with a whole range of different people from different backgrounds, you get that a little bit across different sports but overseeing the whole program gives you an insight into what goes on in different programs. It improved me on a professional level overall, opened my eyes up to some of the weaknesses I had and I know what I need to work on codevelop the program. I’m continuing to work on with the rest of the team which is really exciting.”

For all that was ticked off in 2019, the Academy will only look to expand next year. For Atkinson and the interns across all sports science programs, that means taking their professional standards to the next level as the Redbacks pursue the ultimate success.

“We want to see some solid action take place from what we’ve put together in the first season and develop the players physically to make sure they stay available and injury free … we’ll progress through the year and educate them more about the professional standards that are involved in football and give them a good insight into what goes on.”

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