The Swedish Spider

Swedish-born Elin Averius has bid farewell to RMIT in a blaze of glory, playing a key role in the Redbacks’ Reserves win over Yarra.

Elin joined the Academy after meeting RMIT Senior coach Mitch Lower manning the RMIT Sport stall at the Global Orientation Week.

Having played soccer for 10 years – a skill that came in handy as she used her pace and ball control to drive the ball along the wing for the Redback – Elin initially intended to join the Redbacks’ soccer team but, as she says, “I figured I can play soccer whenever I want but when I’m in Australia I have to play footy.”

Despite her previous lack of experience with Australian Rules, Elin has been amongst the Reserves’ best players in the first two months of the Redbacks’ inaugural season. She was at her best in the Reserves’ Round 9 win over Yarra and was not only chaired off for her final match but presented with a signed football to remember her club.

“It’s been a pleasure to play here,” she says in closing.

“I love all the girls and the resources are amazing, the coaches are so good and I couldn’t wish for a better team to play for.”

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