Teams: Round 5 v Yarra Old Grammarians

Three debutants headline RMIT’s return to its home ground at Bundoora Oval to battle the Yarra Old Grammarians in Round 5.

Jess Hall and Lillie Jago will play their first match for the seniors on Saturday while Alanna Sheard pulls on the red and black guernsey for her maiden game with the reserves.

The reserves start the day at 10am. Izzy Corr passed a mid-week concussion test after sitting out the second half against South Melbourne Districts and has been named to play while Hannah Steer and Lucy Allibon will be backing up after making their debuts in Round 4. The selected team is as follows…

FB McKaig Allibon Averius
HB Flores-Tapia Corr Balaburov
C Jones Lane Robinson-Hore
HF Sottile Sheard Ross
FF Hall Strahan-Collins
R/R Scutt Steer Sinyavker


The seniors will be strengthened by the return of Shayla Gamble and Jen Allinson when they take on the Grammarians from 12pm. Speedster forward Tori Quilligan was cleared to play after a calf injury in Round 4.

FB Coffey Bryant Marwood
HB Clough Good Nicolaou Wulf
C Davis De Bruyn Jago
HF Old Quilligan Nannetti
FF Allinson Baker McClaer
R/R Bunn Riseley Gamble
Int Hall Naim


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