Q&A: Mitch Lower

Interview with Mitchell Lower


Could you please tell us your name and what your role is with the Academy?

Mitch: Hi! My name is Mitchell Lower, and I’m the Head Coach at RMIT Women’s Football

Academy. I would say that my role as Head Coach is to help players develop and to get a team up and running that’s competitive. It’s also to help liaise with other sciences in the RMIT school as well as to help develop other coaches to have on board with my team.


Can you talk about your background and your experience with Women’s Football?

Mitch: Yeah absolutely, so previously I was a coach at Diamond Creek Women’s Football Club for Division Two and Division One in the NFL. Division Two was my first year of coaching in 2017 and the next season I moved up to Division One football which was good, and we had a pretty successful campaign considering the off season we had had prior. We made titles and won the first title against Darebin which was handy because they were the rivals of Diamond Creek, so it was a really exciting time. This will be my third year coaching at RMIT and during that time I’ve coached for RMIT for their national squad in 2017 and 2018 and took out bronze and silver medals respectively. This year I’ve been coaching in the VAFA league for RMIT.


What brought you to the RMIT Women’s Football Academy?

Mitch: I was looking to further my career in this sort of team elite sporting environment, then

this opportunity arose and I would say as a community level club, the support and the opportunity with the facilities here is second to none. It has that elite environment about it already. As a coach that was my next step, so it was an exciting opportunity for me to be offered this position and I’m really happy I’m here.


What would you say that you love the most about football as a coach and as a


Mitch: I would say as a coach it’s being able to watch your team come together and develop

together. From the start of pre-season to the end of the year it’s just a completely different group of players and to be able to witness that, to watch that development throughout the year is something special and something that I hold dearly now that I do coach. As a spectator I suppose it’s sort of the along the same lines; it’s the ability of football to bring people together. You can sometimes have a hundred thousand people at the MCG watching one game of footy, and it’s not just that, it’s the teams as well. You know, I’ve had girls who don’t know each other at the start of the pre-season at all and by the end of the footy season they’re best mates, so it’s the ability for footy to bring people together

that is really second to none.


Do you have any aims or goals for the Academy this year?

Mitch: Yeah there’s always aims and goals for sure. Being so new and at the start of the

season it is hard to get a gauge on what is achievable and what isn’t achievable. Obviously, we would love to be a competitive footy club so having that professional standard that footy clubs need is a big one. Having that set in stone, being competitive whether its wins or losses, you know it doesn’t really matter as long as we’re competitive, we’re fun to watch, and the girls are having fun as well. They’re the main goals really.


Totally! And is there anything that you are looking forward to or are most excited about for the Academy?

Mitch: I think just for it to be up and running as footy club, to be self-sustainable and be able to grow. It’ll be the same as watching a team grow, to watch this Academy grow into something I think that will be pretty formidable in terms of community club levels teams. It’ll be pretty exciting and when it all comes together it’ll be something to see for sure.


And last question, for anyone tossing up about whether they should sign up and try footy, what would you like them to know?

Well, being in women’s footy for a few years now, I’ve help build a couple teams up from the

ground and most girls that I’ve coached have been a bit iffy about whether or not to play. By the end of the year they have had one of the best years of their lives and they’ve made ten, twenty mates that they’ll have for life. So, if you are tossing up about whether or not you want to come play footy, I would say just think about not having any regrets. It’s gonna be a fun time and at the very least you’re going to get fit and you’re going to get some mates (laughs).

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