RMIT WFA and GAA Victoria announce training agreement

Today the RMIT Women’s Football Academy announced a reciprocal training agreement with the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) of Victoria providing the opportunity to any senior or junior female Gaelic or Camogie players to join the Academy at Bundoora for pre-season and in-season training, to build their fitness for the winter Gaelic and Camogie season.

Alternatively, if any Academy players wish to join a GAA club for pre-season and/or in-season training and build their fitness for the winter football season, they are also welcome.

This opportunity enables northern Melbourne GAA players to train with a football team and not necessarily have to travel to southern Melbourne. Conversely southern Melbourne based RMIT players won’t necessarily always need to travel to RMIT Bundoora for training, but can still be involved in a team training environment.

The RMIT Women’s Football Academy has a dedicated group of high performance coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, acceleration coach and the support of the RMIT Health Sciences faculties.

The Academy can also provide fitness programs to suit a range of athletes and it is always easier to train with a group. There will be no charge to join training and the more the merrier.

The Academy and the GAA see this as a first step in what will be a long and strong relationship between our organisations. There are several other opportunities for collaboration that are being investigated and further announcements will occur across 2019.

For northern based GAA players Academy training is on Tuesday and Thursday night starting at 5.45pm and training recommences on Thursday February 7th.

If any GAA players are interested in joining the training please contact:
Sally Tanner
0402 815 760

Chris O’Connor
0418 811 611
chris.oconnor@cdianz.com.au or

RMIT WFA Website at rmitwfa.com/contact

Once RMIT have identified its players interested in training with a GAA team, the GAA will assist in RMIT establishing a relationship with individual GAA Clubs.

Found out more about GAA Victoria at their website: gaagaelicpark.org.au/


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